Vintage Military Gas Mask Bag

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Vintage Military Gas Mask Bag


    Vintage U.S. M17 gas mask bags from the 60s and 70s. Each bag has been over-dyed black and reworked to make them functional as shoulder bags. 

    Introduced to the U.S. military in 1959, the M17 gas mask was used to protect soldiers against chemical and biological agents. The bags and masks came in different fabrications and included a nerve agent antidote kit and a decontamination kit. The bag was originally intended to be worn around the torso or to attach to a separate pack. (See the last photo.)

    Every bag is unique and has different characteristics from previous wear. Fading, distressing, color variation, and hardware vary from item to item. Additional original hardware like dog tags and badges will also vary.

    9.5 inches x 11 inches